Sab Faro was founded in 2013 by Fel Tan. Sab Faro is expressed in a personalised ensemble of liberation, and intuitive creativity. Designed intentionally to inspire, every style is significant to our deepest inspiration where love, sacred science, art and spirit meet.

Sab Faro’s creations are set apart by our quality materials and meticulous workmanship. Fel Tan has been designing jewellery ever since she has completed her program at the JDMIS Singapore in 2014. Her series of work are well thought out campaigns that speaks about awakening, spirituality and life itself! Using various metals such as silver 925, brass and gold-plated accents.

In addition to making handcrafted jewellery, her latest new venture includes candle making using natural soya wax and essential oils containing aromatherapy properties. They are made and hand poured in her studio in Bali. There are 8 scents available today. One of her favourite scent is Musk as it is down to earth and blends well with her middle Eastern heritage. Another favourite amongst buyers is the white musk. Sab Faro handcrafted soy candles are stocked in stores in Bali and can be found here on the website.