June Initiative; Feed The Orphans At Mission In Action Kenya


For the month of June, I am raising funds for our wonderful friends at Mission in Action – Kenya

Mission in Action is currently a safe haven and home to over 80 children. The children there now and all that have been there over the years, have been rescued and given a second chance at life thanks to Ivan, Dama and the whole incredible MIA team.

They do not receive any Government assistance and rely solely on sponsorships and donations. Due to Covid-19, they have sadly had many of their sponsors temporarily cease donations due to loss of their own income. The amount they are currently receiving in donations is making things difficult resulting in them having to let go of most of their staff in order to continue to run the home and provide food, love, safety, education, medical services and a family. This was extremely hard for them to do as many of the staff have been with them for years, and without these wages they in turn will be unable to feed their families.

I have visited Mission in Action and seen the INCREDIBLE work they do and I can promise that they are making a huge different in this world ❀️

Sab Faro Collectives will be collaborating with all brands for the month of June and 10% of sales proceeds goes towards the mission!

Sab Faro Collectives

Ivan, founder of the Orphanage sold his 3 houses in Australia 16 years ago and started Mission Of Action as well as the schools. Currently, he is housing 80 children and 15 staffs.

In 2019, I fundraised and travelled to Kenya for a month and a half to volunteer at Mission In Action, it was an enriching experience I will never forget. This experience not only opened my life in many ways but encouraged compassion and servitude to life itself.

Due to droughts and uncertain climate/seasonal conditions, the crops can’t grow food so they have to buy food supplies. Each month, the amount needed is at least USD$373 to feed 80 children and staffs!