Prabaswara Tista Thani ORPHANAGE & FOUNDATION Indonesia

PRABASWARA TISTA THANI FOUNDATION Is an Orphanage Foundation home for more than 69 children starting from newborn age 0-19 years old, situated at Desa Baran Alas Gede, Kel. Ngingit, Malang East Java – Indonesia. This is a non-religion affiliated orphanage foundation, running and caring for the unfortunate children is our ultimate goal with NO FRILLS or without unnecessary extras, especially using the name of religion all for the sake of selfish reasons. The children are giving the right to choose their own faith according to their likeness, without brainwashing or enforcing them to a certain religion faith.

Our dedicated team of staff can transform a neglected or abused child into a happy looking loving child, well adjusted individual that is ready to be re-united with their family or adopted by loving parents or until they are capable to start a life of their own.

The children reach out to the greater masses of disadvantaged, neglected and poor children around the region, particularly destitute children, by implementing programs and services that help them achieve their aspirations and become productive, responsible, and accountable individuals in the communities and in the nation as a whole.

PRABASWARA TISTA THANI FOUNDATION principle is based on bringing together good people with goodwill, rescuing orphans and transforming their lives.

“Bringing together good people with goodwill” means we want to glorify The Creator of all things “God”, no matter your religious group or denomination – God is One. Therefore, we invite good people with goodwill to come join us in caring for these loving and precious children.

This partnership involves working together to build family-style facilities which will house and shelter the children in East Java and Bali under the general oversight of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

We are a non-profit organization which means all contributions are tax deductible as allowed under the law. We are also legally registered with the Department of Social Welfare as a licensed charitable organization with appropriate by-laws and resolutions on file with the local Government of East Java. Thank you for taking time to look around our site. We hope you will consider joining us in our mission. May you and all your loved ones be blessed and always be under the protection of the Divine Spirit of all creation.

15% sales proceeds of SFC goes to www.prabasthani.com

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