Sab Faro Luna Cosmic Crystal Quartz Chain Gold-Plated

Rp 920,000.00

Harness the cosmic power hidden within and set your intentions. Every intentions can be manifested with the aid of crystal vibrations. The secrets of this life-changing art are spelled out simply and clearly, drawing upon both Eastern and Western cultures for special techniques and prayers. This necklace is made from Silver 925, set in pure crystal quartz and gold dipped in gold plated. Not all crystals can be the exact same and has some variations in it. Our crystals are 100% genuine and sourced by hand at a trusted source. This design is handmade in our studio and is part of the awakening collection. It is a favourite amongst the new age seekers and casual spiritualists. Our esoteric jewelry collection is inspired by sacred and spirit science consciousness. Every piece of jewelry is based on a true story or has a significance to the universal energy. Our misson is to enlighten and awaken each person at a time. May each piece brings positive light, love and energy to the wearer.