Leilani Shells x Jolie Necklace

Rp 700,000.00



Leilani x Jolie Necklace

Hawaiian Gold Cowrie Shell Necklace
Material: 24k Gold plated Necklace
Size: 16 inch Chain

How the oceans energy flows in Shells and Corals
Leilani Shells –

surround you with the ocean’s high vibration, spirit & energy.

The ocean is trillions of years old and arose during the beginning of all creation on earth.

Thats why our ocean is a timeless database of knowledge. All these powerful information are carried and retained by the water and create an enormous high energy flow.

This high vibration is fully absorbed by everything that lives in our ocean.

All shells and corals capture this energy inside.

By wearing Leilani Shells jewelry you surround yourself with the ocean’s powerful energy everyday.