Sab Faro Collectives Hot Ayurvedic Oil 50ml

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HOT Herbal Exotic Dragon Oil is a multipurpose massage or Ayurvedic ointment concocted by herbalist Guru Prana. This hot oil blends the profound benefit of heat, aroma and herbs.

This multipurpose hot oil ointment relieves muscle soreness and pain as well as a good relief for colds and stomachaches. It can also be used for before and after insect bites.

It’s unique properties helps with blood circulation when massaged on the affected area giving simultaneously relaxing and energizing effect to body, mind and soul.

You can choose from VERY HOT or HOT.

This Ayurvedic oil is sworn by Hollywood friends and is known for its famous properties.

Pls note that if you have very sensitive skin, please choose mild and test it on the elbow or non sensitive areas as this product can be spicy and skin heating!

In additional, SFC donates 10% Sales proceeds of this item towards the charity/orphanage of the store choice.




Eucalyptus, Ayurvedic Herbs & High Quality ingredients.



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In additional, Sab Faro Collectives donates 10% every month to a charity or orphanage of her choice.

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Very Hot, Hot

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