Wearemanikan Paradise Island T-shirt

Rp 400,000.00

Designed by Hastosa, a Balinese artist/photographer whose designs are famous for its quirky playfulness for the modern men/women alike! This t-shirt makes a cool souvenir Tee for memories of BALI. The Vintage appeal makes it one of a kind!

Produced in the most ethical and sustainable manner in a production house in BALI. When you purchase this item, you not only support the artist, but the community too.

In additional, Sab Faro Collectives donates 10% of sales proceeds every month to a charity or orphanage of her choice.



Made of Viscose
Designed and produced In Bali

Shirt Size Chart:

S: Length 65cm Width: 52cm
M: Length 67cm Width 54
L: Length 69cm Width: 56cm
XL: Length 71cm Width: 58cm
XXL: Length 73cm Width: 60cm


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Additional information


S, M, L, XL, XXL