Wearemanikan Tiger Shirt

Rp 600,000.00

Stand out with this unique piece by designer Manikan depicting the strength of resilience and strength of the tiger!

Item is produced in Limited pieces and will not be reproduced once sold out!

Produced in an ethical sustainable manner in a small production house in Bali. When you purchase this item, you not only support the artist but the community too.

Sab Faro Collectives donates 10% of sales proceeds every month to a charity or orphanage of her choice.



Shirt Size Chart:

S: Length 65cm Width: 52cm
M: Length 67cm Width 54
L: Length 69cm Width: 56cm
XL: Length 71cm Width: 58cm
XXL: Length 73cm Width: 60cm


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S, M, L, XL, XXL

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